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1. Surfaces and ramps

Structure transitions in the complementary functions so easily and generously as possible.

Parallel placed to ramp stages in the West replace the Transverse stairs and create a connecting passage. In the east, a parallel-placed to ramp staircase connects the station forecourt with the underpass.

The surfaces themselves are to allow access to the train station platform easy and undisturbed. Interfere Transverse stairs and share the surfaces in small-scale individual plots.

2. Intricate foot and cycle bridge

The idea to let heavy-duty vehicles drive over the bridge, should be withdrawn. Because this is and must in doubt also has to drive along the promenade. Tender Restaurant and Kiosk.

In addition, such a heavy bridge with a construction height of approximately 1.00m extended the viewer feel of the underpass.

A filigree pedestrian and cyclist bridge on the other hand requires a structure of about 20 cm! For a much more open access option towards the lake.

3. Station forecourt – covered waiting areas

“The station forecourt can be understood in addition to its mediating function between the railway and the city as urban transport hub and as a meeting place, meeting place etc.. In general, the rail passengers at the train station undergoes a first lasting impression of a city. The station forecourt thus serves as a business card of a city. He takes over the function of a gate, which will happen again when leaving the city.

In addition to the “classic” urban and spatial functions, the station forecourt is characterized by the fact that movement and stillness find their counterparts in the urban expression of street and square.

The station forecourt claimed generally much larger areas than other urban places and is often crossed to a large extent by the flooding traffic (ie sometimes it turns into a traffic court). Nevertheless, there are similarities with the aforementioned “special places”. The station forecourt is equally a city spatial element and as such part of a spatial sequence of for reflection, guidance and decision moments that are on the meaning of the place, just here on the station, aligned.

Not only the shape of the station is a significant impact on the station forecourt: Even topographical conditions is sometimes a crucial importance. ”

Text from Wikipedia.

Place equal area for orientation, waiting and gathering. A ramp for the movement.

At the station, the station building is important! It requires an attractive forecourt. That is why we need a combination of square and ramp!

4. Railway station – the station forecourt

The station building is surrounded by movement building. It stands alone and is almost “washed”. A structure with a streamlined outer shell imposes itself formally. It is important to realize that this building is no “backyard” has.

A canopy of a part of the station forecourt is to roof.

5. Elevators – recognizability

The elevators play an important role for the Accessibility of the entire system. For this reason it is extremely important that non-local detect the location and function immediately. It helps form the elevator as a vertical element.

6. Connection of the station forecourt at the crossing

A staircase deliberately along the ramp as a shortcut and direct access to the station building.

7. Connection of the crossing on the lakeside promenade

There is no intersection, but a path leads to the lakeside promenade.

We want to the lake, but not in the lake!

The lakeside promenade must function smoothly even at high tide! Especially when meeting traffic flows sufficient space must be. A ramp that abuts right angles to the lakeside promenade, is leaving for reasons of space.

An access in east-west direction allows optimal space.

Karl Wolf road remains passable. The cyclist bridge is a light construction.

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